Facts of plagiarism on the pages of Mikhail Eliseev web sites and

Facts of plagiarism on the pages of Mikhail Eliseev web sites &

The scope and frank lie plagiarism and illegal borrowing of materials from Valery Uvarov's books is accompanied, it is explained by the mental insufficiency of Mikhail Eliseev. The problem with this situation is that Mikhail Eliseev is an alcoholic and a drug addict with serious experience, which could not but affect his mental state. Just look at one of his many Facebook posts to see this.

We apologize in advance for the language used by Mikhail Eliseev, but you cannot throw the words out of the song ...

Natalia Eliseeva is Mikhail's wife. The fiery speaker himself as real man was always hiding and is hiding in FB or on YouTube behind mostly female names ...
Now to the point. Plagiarism and illegal usage of materials from the books of Valery Uvarov are found on every pages of all Mikhail Eliseev web sites. Below are just some examples.
All photos of the large-scale pyramid designed and built by Valery Uvarov (and now renamed as Novikov-Kiselev pyramid) were taken by Valery Uvarov.

The current "owners" were not able even to support the pyramid in its digestible state. Once shining in the sun, she peeled off. In many places porcelain stoneware tiles flew off.
Even the rubbish that was piled in 2007 near one of the side of the pyramid in order to burn it, remained lying in 2017 on the same place on the same side of the pyramid, where it was left during the dismantling of scaffolding and not burned in 2007 ...
On many pages of the fraudulent sites of Mikhail Eliseev, a sign of four pictograms is placed against a starry sky.
This sign was first published by Valery Uvarov in 2006 in the first edition of his book "Pyramids", and then in the second edition of the same book in 2007 and 2013 in the book "Pyramids. The Legacy of the Gods" and is the intellectual property of Valery Uvarov.
On the page of Mikhail Eliseev's pirate web site, devoted to the properties of mini-pyramids, in fact described and patented by Valery Uvarov, the following information is posted:
All materials posted on the fraudulent web sites of Mikhail Eliseev were stolen from Valery Uvarov's home computer. Stolen at the moment when Valery Uvarov was not at home. Mikhail got access to Valery Uvarov's computer, having deceived Valery's 4-year-old daughter and her nurse, telling them that father had allowed Michail to use father's computer.

Taking advantage of that situation, he re-registered the domain, which belonged to Valery Uvarov.

Direct evidence of plagiarism and theft can serve a video about the Wands of Horus, which was filmed in Uvarov's house. The video shows the name of the domain that was stolen by Eliseev and which he is now using to discredit the name of Valery Uvarov, publishing outright lies and forgery.

Naturally, the use of the stolen videos and photos on his websites was not coordinated with either Uvarov Valeriy or with the person in whose apartment the shooting of home office pyramid was carried out. Everything is presented on his web sites as the result of his "hard work". In fact the theft of Valery Uvarov's intellectual property. And then all the stolen materials are used for fraud and manipulation.
Graphic image of the aura before and after work with the pyramid, is stolen from the book by V. Uvarov the "Wands of Horus" 2004 and his video shot in 2000.
Then you can see all the facts of plagiarism and theft from the books of Valery Uvarov with your own eyes. It is important in this connection to emphasize that the description of the properties of mini-pyramids, and even more so of the Wands of Horus, was first made in the books of Valery Uvarov. Therefore, any attempts to rearrange words in places in the text, trying wherever it is possible to get away from a completely direct quotation, will still be considered direct and pure thieves' plagiarism, because no one has ever described the properties of mini (home-office) pyramids or wands anywhere, regardless of their name.
The site contains plagiarism in huge chunks, such as the one below:
Below you can see the same text in the Wands of Horus book by Valery Uvarov 2004
The photo of the pyramid above is also stolen from the book of Pyramid by Valery Uvarov. By very simple manipulation, the pyramids of Valery Uvarov were transformed into the pyramids of MAAT of Eliseev. Looking at the images of the pyramids on the site of Eliseev, there is a feeling that he does not have his own pyramids, just additing and theft from the books and websites of Valery Uvarov. And all this is named after the Maat of the ancient Egyptian goddess of justice and legality! That is certainly cynical spit in the face of the Egyptian priests and all those who honor Maat!

Without exception, the indications for the use of mini (home-office) pyramids, large pyramids and wands of Ra, are copied from Valery Uvarov's books, the Wands of Horus and Pyramids.

Moreover, all testimony relating to the "Wands of Horus" and insoles with copper-zinc liners are placed on the site of the plagiarist Mikhail Eliseev in the section with pyramids. Such an attitude to the material and even more so to the health of people is unacceptable!
For comparison, here is a part of the testimony from the book of Valery Uvarov "The Wands of Horus" in 2004.
It is simply tiresome and boring to list and systematically cite all the facts of plagiarism and theft by Mikhail Eliseev of materials from Valery Uvarov's books, the Wands of Horus and the Pyramids.

Anyone interested can simply download Valery Uvarov's books (for free) and read it, then the fact of Mikhail Eliseev's unscrupulous behavior will become obvious to everyone.

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